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EMC latest exam materials updates

EMC E20-655 Exam: E20-655 Isilon Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers.

EMC E20-655 Exam Video Training

EMC E20-655 Exam Practice Question (most up-to-date Q&A 1-5)

In what form does Isilon\\’s SmartConnect SIP answer DNS queries?
A. An authoritative answer
B. A non-authoritative answer
C. A positive answer
D. A negative answer
Correct Answer: A

Where do you go to access AVP?
A. IGS Tools Home Page
B. Web administration interface, Diagnostics section
C. Axeda SupportIQ site
D. Command Line Interface
Correct Answer: A

What is a potential result of increasing the level of logging detail on your cluster?
A. You could fill up the limited space in the /var directory.
B. You could fill up the limited space in the /tmp directory.
C. There is no way to do this without recompiling the kernel.
D. You will create an unsupported condition on the cluster.
Correct Answer: A

In a 4-node cluster using N+2 protection, how much is the overhead?
A. 50%
B. 25%
E20-655 VCE Dumps | E20-655 Practice Test | E20-655 Brain
C. 200%
D. 100%
Correct Answer: A

Which job engine v2.0 component runs on a node, communicates with the job coordinator and coordinates tasks with
the three managers on the cluster?
A. Director
B. Coordinator
C. Managers
D. Workers
Correct Answer: A

E20-655 Exam Q&A

EMC E20-807 Exam: E20-807 Specialist – Platform Engineer, Isilon 3.0 – EMC Education

EMC E20-807 Exam Video Training

EMC E20-807 Exam Practice Question (most up-to-date Q&A 1-5)

Based on the Array Utilization Dashboard shown in the exhibit, a frontend port is showing higher utilization on Director
1. How can this situation be corrected?

Examrap E20-807 exam questions-q1

A. Add another engine to provide for Frontend Emulation CPUs
B. Redistribute the workload onto other available ports
C. Increase cache on the engine
D. Add additional capacity to support the frontend workload
Correct Answer: B

Which special considerations are required for non-ALUA arrays and FAST.X?
A. Non-ALUA Controllers are not supported
B. Remote Controllers can only be connected to a single port on the VMAX3 array
C. Remote Controllers must be zoned to ports on different directors
D. Remote Controllers must be zoned to ports on a single director
Correct Answer: B

If an XtremIO external tier is placed in its own Storage Resource Pool, which SLO is associated with the external tier?
A. Platinum
B. Silver
C. Gold
D. Optimized
Correct Answer: D

Concurrent SRDF/Star has been implemented and Star protection has been enabled. The storage administrator wants
to perform a planned switch of the workload to the Synchronous site. Which actions should the administrator perform
before the switch?
A. halt Star and then Disconnect both target sites
B. Stop application I/O at the Workload site and then Halt Star
C. Stop application I/O at the Workload site and then Disable Star
D. Disable Star and then Halt Star
Correct Answer: B
Reference: (388)

On a VMAX3 array, which SYMACL security concept controls a list of hosts with unique IDs?
A. Access Control Entries
B. Access Control Groups
C. Access Control List
D. Access Pools
Correct Answer: B
Reference: (61)

E20-807 Exam Q&A

EMC E20-895 Exam: E20-895 Backup Recovery – Avamar Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers

EMC E20-895 Exam Video Training

EMC E20-895 Exam Practice Question (most up-to-date Q&A 1-5)

An EMC Avamar customer has a large virtual machine (VM) with a small backup window available. On the weekends,
there is a larger backup window available. Most of the files on the VM do not change daily but the few that do change
are critical.
How can the customer protect the critical files every day without exceeding the daily backup window while still meeting
their SLAs to protect the entire VM image?
A. Perform daily guest level backups of the critical files, and then perform image backups on the weekends
B. Perform daily image backups of the critical files
C. Perform daily image backups, and then perform guest level backups of the critical files on the weekends
D. Perform daily guest level backups of the entire system
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is backing up 15 million files in a single dataset from an NDMP device. They are experiencing
performance issues and ask you for advice. According to Dell EMC best practice, what is the maximum number of files
per dataset recommended for backup in this environment?
A. 5 million
B. 8 million
C. 10 million
D. 12 million
Correct Answer: C

A company\\’s multi-terabyte database environment is protected by a Dell EMC Avamar Gen4T server and an integrated
Dell EMC Data Domain system at their central data center. The backup administrator reports that backups are failing
new backups will not start. Upon investigation, they discover that the Data Domain is full.
How should this situation be resolved?
A. Manually delete the cur/DELETED directories on the Avamar server and start garbage collection
B. Manually delete the oldest checkpoints in the Data Domain system and the Avamar server
C. Manually delete the STAGING, DELETED, and cur/DELECTED directories on the Data Domain system and start
D. Manually start the data Domain sanitation process
Correct Answer: B

An EMC Partner has a 1 X 4 Avamar server. They are backing up 4,000 desktop and laptop (DTLT) clients. Each client
takes up to 20 minutes to complete a backup.
How long would it take to back up all the DTLT clients?
A. 4.2 hours
B. 4.6 hours
C. 5.6 hours
D. 6.2 hours
Correct Answer: B

An EMC Avamar backup administrator wants to use their company login account for administering an Avamar server
using LDAP authentication. The directory service was added successfully using Avamar Administrator. However, they
still cannot successfully log into Avamar Administrator with the account.
What action is needed?
A. Associate LDAP user groups with Avamar domains
B. Add all LDAP users and passwords to the applicable Avamar domain
C. Restart the MCS process on the utility node
D. Specify the LDAP domain in the domain field of the login screen
Correct Answer: A

E20-895 Exam Q&A

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