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70-697 dumps

1. Which one of the following files will allow you to change the search order for hostname resolution?
A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/resolv.conf
C. /etc/searchorder.conf
D. /etc/nsswitch.conf
70-697 exam Answer: D
2. Which one of the following commands is used to modify network interfaces on the storage appliance?
A. ipconfig
B. ifconfig
C. interface
D. ipset
Answer: B
3. Which one of the following is a valid VLAN interface?
A. E3-9
B. E0
C. E3a
D. All of the above
70-697 dumps Answer: A
4. What is NDMP?
A. It is a standard protocol for controlling data transfers between primary and secondary storage devices
B. It is a proprietary protocol used for controlling data transfers between the storage appliance head and disk drives
C. It is a networking trace analysis tool
D. It is a network management tool for storage appliances
Answer: A

5. What are the syntax differences between the aggr copy command options and the vol copy command options?
A. Aggr copy commands are case-sensitive, but vol copy commands are not case sensitive.
B. Aggr copy options do not work at the command line.
C. Aggr copy options must be listed in alphabetical order.
D. None; the syntax for both options are the same.
70-697 pdf Answer: D
6. LUNs can be created using FilerView.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
7. Which one of the following console commands indicates that all expansion cards are installed in the appropriate slots on the system board?
A. config -v
B. vol status -r
C. sysconfig -c
D. sysconfig -t
E. sysconfig -m
70-697 vce Answer: C
8. Which one of the following statements best describes the primary value of NVRAM?
A. Data integrity and improved response time for write operations
B. RAID protection
C. Data integrity and simplified backups
D. Separate processing of the network protocol stack
E. Separate processes for the disk subsystem
Answer: A

9. Which two of the following statements about qtrees and volumes are true? (Choose 2)
A. A volume can contain qtrees, but qtrees cannot contain qtrees.
B. A quota can be set for a qtree, but not for an exported file system. C.
A qtree can contain a volume, but a volume cannot contain a qtree.
D. The default security style for a qtree is the security style of the volume root directory.
70-697 exam Answer: AD
10. Please click the exhibit button.
Which of the commands from the special boot menu will zero disks and install a new file system?
A. (1) Normal boot.
B. (2) Boot without /etc/rc.
C. (3) Change password.
D. (4) Initialize all disks.
E. (5) Maintenance mode boot.
Answer: D
11. You are performing a Data ONTAP upgrade and have loaded the system files onto the storage appliance, and have successfully issued the download command. What is the next command you would enter to complete the upgrade procedure?

A. version
B. sysconfig -v
C. software
D. reboot
70-697 dumps Answer: D
12. Which command would you use to display complete hardware information for a storage appliance?
A. vol status -v
B. sysconfig -v
C. sysstat
D. disk health -v
Answer: B

13. You support Windows 10 Enterprise computers. Your company has started testi g App1ication Virtualization (App-V) App1ications on several laptops. You discover that the App-V App1ications are available to users even when the laptops are offline. You need to ensure that the App-V App1ications are available to users only when they are connected to the company
network. What should you do?
A. Change user permissions to the App-V App1ications.
B. Disable the Disconnected operation mode.
C. Configure mandatory profiles for laptop users.
D. Reset the App-V client FileSystem cache.
70-697 pdf Correct Answer: B
14.You administer a Windows 10 Enterprise computer that runs Hyper-V. The computer hosts a virtual machine with multiplesnapshots.ThevirtualmachineusesonevirtualCPUand5l2MBofRAM. You discover that the virtual machine pauses automatically and diSP1ays the state as paused-critical. You need to identify the component that is causing the error. Which component should you identify?
A. no virtual switch defined
B. insufficientmemory
C. insufficient hard disk space
D. insufficient number of virtual processors
Correct Answer: C
15.You are an lT consultant for small and mid-sized business. One of your clients wants to start using Virtual Smart Cards on its Windows 10 Enterprise laptops and tablets. You need to verify that the client laptops and tablets support Virtual Smart Cards. What should you do?
A. Ensure that each laptop and tablet has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip of version l.2 or greater.
B. Ensure that Bitlocker Drive Encryption is enabled on a system drive of the laptops and tablets.
C. Ensure that each laptop and tablet can read a physical smart card.
D. EnsurethatthelaptopsandtabletsarerunningWindows 10Enterpriseedition.
70-697 vce Correct Answer: A
16.A company has l00 clientcomputers thatrun Windows 10 Enterprise. A new company policy requires that all client computers have static lPv6 addresses. You need to assign static lPv6 addresses to the client computers. Which Network Shell (netsh) command should you run?
A. add address
B. set interface
C. set global
D. set address
Correct Answer: A
17.You administerWindows 10EnterprisedesktopcomputersthataremembersofanActiveDirectorydomain. You want to create an archived copy of user profiles that are stored on the desktops. You create a standard domain user account to run a backup task. You need to grant the backup task user account access to the user profiles. What should you do?
A. Add the backup task account to the Remote Management Users group on a domain controller.
B. Add the backup task account to the Backup Operators group on every computer.
C. Add the backup task account to the Backup Operators group on a domain controller.
D. Set the backup task account as NTFS owner on all the profiles.
70-697 exam Correct Answer: B

70-697 dumps

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