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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCDA
Exam Name: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Exam Code: 200-310
Total Questions: 295 Q&As
Exam Information:

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200-310 pdf

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Where in the BlackBerry MVS Console can the BlackBerry MVS administrator set the default network for BlackBerry MVS Voice over Wi-Fi? (Choose one.)
A. Class of Service
B. Telephony Connectors
C. Session Managers
D. Locations
E. Templates

Correct Answer: E



Which two databases are supported on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose two.)
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2008
C. Oracle Database
D. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2
E. Microsoft Access 2007

Correct Answer: BD



A BlackBerry MVS user is attempting to dial an internal extension on a BlackBerry device and the call fails. What is a likely cause of this issue? (Choose one.)
A. The call manager has a rule built in specifically to block the work number from making outbound calls
B. The work number is not set as the active number on the BlackBerry device
C. The wireless service provider may have blocked out the work number and it cannot be dialed from the BlackBerry device
D. The BlackBerry MVS system has taken the outbound call and sent it to the voice mail system so that the call will not complete
Correct Answer: B



Which BlackBerry device log level contains BlackBerry MVS activity? (Choose one.)
A. Warning
B. Information
C. Debug info
D. Finer
E. Finest

Correct Answer: C  200-310 pdf



Which two elements of the architecture are utilized to successfully complete a Voice over Wi-Fi call to an internal extension? (Choose two.)
A. Local Area Network
B. SIP Line between BlackBerry MVS Session Manager and PBX
C. SIP Trunk between BlackBerry MVS Session Manager and PBX
E. Voicemail system

Correct Answer: AB



Which two options are available to configure call scheduling when the BlackBerry device will ring for calls that are made to their work numbers? (Choose two.)
A. By specific dates
B. By weeks of the year
C. By hour of the day
D. By day of the week

Correct Answer: CD



What are the three recommended topics that a BlackBerry MVS administrator should discuss with the Wi-Fi vendor to verify readiness for Voice over Wi-Fi? (Choose three.)
A. Wi-Fi cell overlap
B. Quality of Service
C. BlackBerry Enterprise Server architecture
D. Layer 3 roaming support
E. Broadcasted SSID

Correct Answer: ABD



A BlackBerry MVS 5.0 enabled user is reporting one-way audio during calls made over the Wi-Fi network to a co-worker’s desk phone. Which log files are required to determine the cause of the issue? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerry device log, BBSM log and Network Capture
B. BES Router log, Access Point log and VPN Concentrator log
C. BlackBerry device log, Access Point log and Network Capture
D. Network Capture, Access Point log and VPN Concentrator log
E. BlackBerry device log, VPN Concentrator log and Network Capture

Correct Answer: A



What is the minimum number of BlackBerry MVS Telephony Connectors required to implement BlackBerry MVS in an environment with three PBXs (one publisher and two subscribers)? (Choose one.)
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. Five

Correct Answer: A



Given the following BlackBerry MVS log sample:

What is the mobile number of the BlackBerry MVS user? (Choose one.)
A. 3123559285
B. 16142312711
C. 8185977649
D. 2121980060

Correct Answer: B



What allows a BlackBerry device to be added as a valid BlackBerry device to a BlackBerry MVS user DN in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment? (Choose one.)
A. Enabling KPML
B. Assigning the MVS user a 10 digit DID/DDI
C. Installing the COP file and rebooting the PBX
D. Configuring CSS for BlackBerry device-initiated calling *
E. Setting the call direction for PBX-initiated calls in a MVS user class of service

Correct Answer: C

200-310 pdf

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