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Exam Code: 70-698
Exam Name: Installing and Configuring Windows 10
Q&As: 117

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70-698 dumps

What is the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendation regarding frequency to increase
cardiorespiratory fitness?
A. One to two days per week
B. Two to three days per week
C. Three to five days per week
D. Four to six days per week
70-698 exam Correct Answer: C
What is the variability for any given age, when estimating a client’s age-predicted maximum heart rate?
A. 2 to 4 beats per minute
B. 10 to 12 beats per minute
C. 18 to 20 beats per minute
D. 22 to 24 beats per minute
Correct Answer: B
What is the formula to determine 60% of heart rate reserve?
A. 220 – age x 60%
B. Maximum heart rate x 60%
C. Maximum heart rate – resting heart rate x 60%
D. Maximum heart rate – resting heart rate x 60% + resting heart rate
70-698 dumps Correct Answer: D
A 50 year old client has a resting heart rate of 70 beats per minute. Calculate the exercise heart rate for
this client using 50% of heart rate reserve.
A. 85 beats per minute
B. 100 beats per minute
C. 110 beats per minute
D. 120 beats per minute
Correct Answer: D
When should a client exhale during performance of a bench press?
A. Only after the movement ends.
B. Immediately before the movement begins.
C. During the eccentric phase of the movement.
D. During the concentric phase of the movement.
70-698 pdf Correct Answer: D
What health-related physical fitness component is primarily emphasized in a circuit training program that
has 30 stations, 60 seconds per station, at 25% of one repetition maximum?
A. Muscular Strength
B. Muscular Flexibility
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Muscular Power
Correct Answer: C
What is a result of resistance training in adolescents?
A. It promotes muscular strength.
B. It increases muscular bulk.
C. It increases the risk of osteoporosis.
D. It causes permanent musculoskeletal damage.

70-698 vce Correct Answer: A
A 35 year-old male client has a goal of completing a sprint distance triathlon. The certified Personal
Trainer prescribes an exercise regimen of swimming 2 days per week, running 3 days per week, and
bicycling 2 days per week. What training principle is being used?
A. Reversibility
B. Overload
C. Progression
D. Specificity
Correct Answer: D
What are the FITTE Factors?
A. Frequency, injury, time, type, enjoyment
B. Frequency, intensity, total, type, exercise
C. Frequency, intensity, total, type, equipment
D. Frequency, intensity, time, type, enjoyment
70-698 exam Correct Answer: D
Why is a cool-down period important?
A. Prevents heat stroke
B. Helps prevent injuries
C. Reduces brain blood flow back to normal
D. Returns pooled blood back to central circulation
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is NOT a principle of training?
A. Overload
B. Specificity
C. Reversibility
D. Concentration
70-698 dumps Correct Answer: D
What is the first phase of an annual training cycle?
A. Transition
B. Off-season
C. Preparatory
D. Competition
Correct Answer: C
What is a function of the hamstring muscles?
A. Hip flexors
B. Hip extensors
C. Plantar flexors
D. Knee extensors
70-698 pdf Correct Answer: B
What method of training combines a routine of alternating cardiovascular exercises with resistance training
A. Circuit training
B. Interval training
C. Split routine training
D. Periodization training
Correct Answer: A
What resistance training method is described by a light to heavy or heavy to light progression of sets?
A. Pyramid
B. Superset
C. Negative set
D. Volume training
70-698 vce Correct Answer: A
What resistance training method is being used when the client is performing a set of bicep curls
immediately followed by triceps pushdowns?
A. Pyramid
B. Supersets
C. Plyometrics
D. Split routine
Correct Answer: B
Together, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine
recommend that every US adult should accumulate _____ minutes or more of moderate- intensity physical
activity on most, preferably all days of the week.
A. 15
B. 20
C. 30
D. 60
70-698 exam Correct Answer: C
What is the predominant factor causing increases in strength during the initial weeks of training?
A. Changes in whole muscle cross-sectional area
B. Increases in overall limb circumference
C. Improvements in neuromuscular adaptation

D. Increases in muscle-fiber cross-sectional area
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following exercise program variables describes a change in intensity?
A. Changing activity from treadmill to stair-stepper.
B. Increasing a treadmill incline by five degrees.
C. Increasing the number of workout days from two to three per week.
D. Increasing treadmill running time from 20 to 30 minutes.
70-698 dumps Correct Answer: B
What happens to the muscle during isometric tension development?
A. Shortening of the muscle
B. Lengthening of the muscle
C. No change in the length of the muscle
D. Relaxation of the muscle
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is the most important exercise to include in an overall training plan for an apparently
healthy automobile mechanic who performs daily overhead movements?
A. Lat pulldown
B. Upright Row
C. Tricep extension
D. Shoulder press
70-698 pdf Correct Answer: D
A client’s workout record shows changes in exercise volume and intensity over time. What training concept
is being demonstrated?
A. Specificity
B. Overtraining
C. Reversibility
D. Periodization
Correct Answer: D
When performing a seated leg extension, which muscle group is the primary antagonist during the
concentric phase?
A. Hamstrings
B. Quadriceps
C. Hip extensors
D. Back extensors
70-698 vce Correct Answer: A
What position should women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy avoid when performing
A. Prone
B. Supine
C. On their side
D. On all fours (hands and knees)
Correct Answer: B

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