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When you are troubleshooting duplex mismatches, which two errors are typically seen on the full- duplex end? (Choose two.)
A. runts
B. FCS errors
C. interface resets
D. late collisions
Correct Answer: AB
Which two options are contained in a VTP subset advertisement? (Choose two.)
A. followers field
B. MD5 digest
C. VLAN information
D. sequence number
Correct Answer: CD
Which two statements are true about traffic shaping? (Choose two.)
A. Out-of-profile packets are queued.
B. It causes TCP retransmits.
C. Marking/remarking is not supported.
D. It does not respond to BECN and ForeSight Messages.
E. It uses a single/two-bucket mechanism for metering.
Correct Answer: AC
Which three options are features of VTP version 3? (Choose three.)
A. VTPv3 supports 8K VLANs.
B. VTPv3 supports private VLAN mapping.
C. VTPv3 allows for domain discovery.
D. VTPv3 uses a primary server concept to avoid configuration revision issues.
E. VTPv3 is not compatible with VTPv1 or VTPv2.
F. VTPv3 has a hidden password option.
Correct Answer: BDF

Which three options are considered in the spanning-tree decision process? (Choose three.)
A. lowest root bridge ID
B. lowest path cost to root bridge
C. lowest sender bridge ID
D. highest port ID
E. highest root bridge ID
F. highest path cost to root bridge
Correct Answer: ABC
In 802.1s, how is the VLAN to instance mapping represented in the BPDU?
A. The VLAN to instance mapping is a normal 16-byte field in the MST BPDU.
B. The VLAN to instance mapping is a normal 12-byte field in the MST BPDU.
C. The VLAN to instance mapping is a 16-byte MD5 signature field in the MST BPDU.
D. The VLAN to instance mapping is a 12-byte MD5 signature field in the MST BPDU.
Correct Answer: C
Which three combinations are valid LACP configurations that will set up a channel? (Choose three.)
A. On/On
B. On/Auto
C. Passive/Active
D. Desirable/Auto
E. Active/Active
F. Desirable/Desirable
Correct Answer: ACE
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is correct about the prefix

A. The prefix has encountered a routing loop.
B. The prefix is an aggregate with an as-set.
C. The prefix has been aggregated twice, once in AS 100 and once in AS 200.
D. None of these statements is true.
Correct Answer: B
Which two options does Cisco PfR use to control the entrance link selection with inbound optimization? (Choose two.)
A. Prepend extra AS hops to the BGP prefix.
B. Advertise more specific BGP prefixes (longer mask).
C. Add (prepend) one or more communities to the prefix that is advertised by BGP.
D. Have BGP dampen the prefix.
Correct Answer: AC
Refer to the exhibit. What is the potential issue with this configuration?

A. There is no potential issue; OSPF will work fine in any condition.
B. Sub-optimal routing may occur since there is no area 1 adjacency between the ABRs.
C. This is a wrong OSPF configuration because all routers must be in area 0 only.
D. This is a wrong OSPF configuration because /30 requires wild card.
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit. A packet from RTD with destination RTG, is reaching RTB. What is the path this packet will take from RTB to reach RTG?

D. RTB will not be able to reach RTG since the OSPF configuration is wrong.
Correct Answer: C
Refer to the exhibit. Which path is selected as best path?

A. path 1, because it is learned from IGP
B. path 1, because the metric is the lowest
C. path 2, because it is external
D. path 2, because it has the higher router ID
Correct Answer: B
What action will a BGP route reflector take when it receives a prefix marked with the community attribute
NO ADVERTISE from a client peer?
A. It will advertise the prefix to all other client peers and non-client peers.
B. It will not advertise the prefix to EBGP peers.
C. It will only advertise the prefix to all other IBGP peers.
D. It will not advertise the prefix to any peers.
Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit. R1 is not learning about the subnet from the BGP neighbor R2 ( What can be done so that R1 will learn about this network?

A. Disable auto-summary on R2.
B. Configure an explicit network command for the subnet on R2.
C. Subnet information cannot be passed between IBGP peers.
D. Disable auto-summary on R1.
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit. After a link flap in the network, which two EIGRP neighbors will not be queried for alternative paths? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: BC
Refer to the exhibit. Why is AS 65333 in parentheses?

A. It is an external AS.
B. It is a confederation AS.
C. It is the AS of a route reflector.
D. It is our own AS.
E. A route map has been applied to this route.
F. The BGP next hop is unreachable.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 27
Refer to the exhibit. What triggered the first SPF recalculation?

A. changes in a router LSA, subnet LSA, and external LSA
B. changes in a router LSA, summary network LSA, and external LSA
C. changes in a router LSA, summary network LSA, and summary ASBR LSA
D. changes in a router LSA, summary ASBR LSA, and external LSA
Correct Answer: B
Which two orders in the BGP Best Path Selection process are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Higher local preference, then lowest MED, then eBGP over iBGP paths
B. Higher local preference, then highest weight, then lowest router ID
C. Highest weight, then higher local preference, then shortest AS path
D. Lowest origin type, then higher local preference, then lowest router ID
E. Highest weight, then higher local preference, then highest MED
Correct Answer: AC
What is the first thing that happens when IPv6 is enabled on an interface on a host?
A. A router solicitation is sent on that interface.
B. There is a duplicate address detection on the host interface.
C. The link local address is assigned on the host interface.
D. A neighbor redirect message is sent on the host interface.
Correct Answer: B
What is the flooding scope of an OSPFv3 LSA, if the value of the S2 bit is set to 1 and the S1 bit is set to 0?
A. link local
B. area wide
C. AS wide
D. reserved
Correct Answer: C

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