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Which three types of WAN topologies can be deployed in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose three.)
A. ring
B. star
C. full mesh
D. core/edge
E. collapsed core
F. partial mesh
Correct Answer: BCE
Which Cisco security management solution provides the means to identify, isolate, and counter security threats to the network?
A. Adaptive Security Device Manager
B. Intrusion Prevention Device Manager
C. Security Device Manager
D. Cisco Security Manager
E. Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System
Correct Answer: E
Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement accurately represents the characteristics of the core layer in this design?
A. QoS should be performed only in the core.
B. Load balancing should never be implemented or used in the core.
C. Access lists should be used in the core to perform packet manipulation.
D. It is acceptable to use a partial mesh in the core if it is connected to each device by multiple paths.
E. Policy-based traffic control is implemented in the core to enable prioritization,ensuring the best performance for all time-critical applications.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
Refer to the exhibit.

Which element or elements of the existing network infrastructure does this network map emphasize?
A. network services
B. network protocols
C. the OSI data link layer
D. network applications

Correct Answer: D
Which H.323 protocol controls call setup between endpoints?
A. H.225
B. H.245
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6

The BodMech online fitness organization specializes in creating fitness plans for senior citizens. The company recently added a health-products retail inventory. Which E-Commerce module device will allow customers to interact with the company and purchase products?
A. application server
B. database server
C. public server
D. web server
E. NIDS appliance
F. SMTP mail server
Correct Answer: D
A network design includes private addressing, but there is also a need for two or three network devices to each be assigned a unique public address so they can be accessed from the Internet. Which technique will satisfy this requirement?
A. Dynamic NAT
B. Static NAT
D. VPN tunneling
Correct Answer: B
A large enterprise requires sensitive information be transmitted over a public infrastructure. It requires confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. Which security solution best meets these requirements?
A. Cisco IOS Firewall
B. Intrusion Prevention
C. Secure Connectivity
E. Traffic Guard Protector
Correct Answer: C

What are three valid methods of gathering information about an existing data network? (Choose three.)
A. Use organizational input.
B. Perform a traffic analysis.
C. Analyze the user-mapping of a running application.
D. Perform a packet-level audit to verify carrier service guarantees.
E. Perform a network audit to gather more detail about the network.
F. Use reports that analyze the metrics of the customer’s existing network.
Correct Answer: ABE

Which two of the following are benefits of using a modular approach to network design? (Choose two.)
A. improves flexibility
B. facilitates implementation
C. lowers implementation costs
D. improves customer participation in the design process
Correct Answer: AB
Which two VoIP characteristics are affected most by codec choice? (Choose two.)
A. voice quality
B. silent packet handling
C. voice packet header size
D. bandwidth required for voice calls
Correct Answer: AD
What are the two most likely driving forces motivating businesses to integrate voice and data into converged networks? (Choose two.)
A. Voice has become the primary traffic on networks.
B. WAN costs can be reduced by migrating to converged networks.
C. Their PSTNs cannot deploy features quickly enough.
D. Data, voice, and video cannot converge on their current PSTN structures.
E. Voice networks cannot carry data unless the PRI circuits aggregate the BRI circuits.
Correct Answer: DE
In a Cisco CatOS switch, what is the recommended practice when configuring switch-to-switch intercommunications to carry multiple VLANs for Dynamic Trunk Protocol?
A. auto to auto_negotiate
B. auto to auto_no_negotiate
C. on to on_negotiate
D. desirable to desirable_negotiate
E. desirable to desirable_no_negotiate
F. disable Dynamic Trunk Protocol when operating in the distribution layer
Correct Answer: D
Your company’s Cisco routers are operating with EIGRP. You need to join networks with an acquisition’s heterogeneous routers at 3 sites, operating with EIGRP and OSPF. Which describes the best practice for routing protocol deployment?
A. apply OSPF throughout both networks
B. apply one-way redistribution exclusively at each location
C. apply two-way redistribution exclusively at each location
D. apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at only one location
E. apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at each location
F. apply EIGRP with the same autonomous system throughout both networks
Correct Answer: E
You are designing IPv6 into an existing IPv4 network. Which strategy can you use to allow both address schemes to coexist, thus facilitating migration?
A. bridge between the two networks
B. deploy stateful address assignments
C. run both the IPv6 and IPv4 stacks on devices
D. redistribute between IPv6-capable and non-IPv6-capable routing protocols
E. enable anycast capability in the routing protocol
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following Cisco router services performs network traffic analysis to assist in documenting a customer’s existing network?
B. NetMon
C. NetFlow
D. SNMP MIB compiler
Correct Answer: C
The topology map in the draft design document should cover which two layers of the OSI model? (Choose two.)
A. physical
B. data link
C. network
D. transport
E. session
F. application
Correct Answer: AC
Which statement decribes the recommended deployment of DNS and DHCP servers in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model?
A. Place the DHCP and DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Access layer and Enterprise branch.
B. Place the DHCP and DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Server Farm layer and Enterprise branch.
C. Place the DHCP server in the Enterprise Campus Core layer and Remote Access/VPN module with the DNS server in the Internet Connectivity module.
D. Place the DHCP server in the Enterprise Campus Distribution layer with the DNS server in the Internet Connectivity module.
Correct Answer: B
Which two of these are required for wireless client mobility deployment when using a Cisco Unified Wireless Network? (Choose two.)
A. assigned master controller
B. matching mobility group name
C. matching RF group name
D. matching RF power
E. matching security
F. matching RF channel
Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 20

Your company uses OSPF for internal routing. The company will be connected to VendorA via a single
dedicated link and to VendorB via redundant dedicated links. Both vendors also use OSPF for
internal routing.
Which of the following deployments describes the best intra-domain routing practice in this situation?

A. Connect your company to both VendorA and VendorB using existing OSPF.
B. Redistribute the routes on each link between your company and the vendors to a shared EIGRP routing protocol.
C. Use IBGP to reach VendorA and EBGP to reach VendorB.
D. Use static routes to reach VendorA and EBGP to reach VendorB.
E. Use static routes to reach both VendorA and VendorB.
Correct Answer: D
Which two of these best describe the implementation of a WAN Backup design over the Internet? (Choose two.)
A. a best-effort method
B. requires no ISP coordination or involvement
C. bandwidth guaranteed based on interface configuration
D. designed as an alternative to a failed WAN connection
E. implemented with a point-to-point logical link using a Layer 2 tunnel
Correct Answer: AD
Refer to the exhibit.

All primary links are T1s. The customer wants to have a backup to each remote office from the
Headquarters office. Which two types of backup links would be viable solutions? (Choose two.)

B. shadow SVC
C. dial backup routing
D. permanent secondary WAN link
Correct Answer: CD
When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer do the Enterprise Edge and Enterprise WAN modules establish their connection?
A. Campus Core
B. Building Access
C. Enterprise Branch
D. Building Distribution
E. Enterprise Data Center
Correct Answer: A
At which stage in the PPDIOO process would you analyze a customer’s network in order to discover opportunities for network improvement?
A. Plan
B. Prepare
C. Design
D. Implement
E. Operate
F. Design Assessment
Correct Answer: C
You are designing IPv6 into an existing IPv4 network. Which two strategies can you use to allow both address schemes to coexist, thus facilitating migration? (Choose two.)
A. translate one protocol into the other
B. redistribute between IPv6-capable and non-IPv6-capable routing protocols
C. encapsulate IPv6 packets within IPv4 packets
D. bridge between the IPv6 and IPv4 networks
E. enable anycast capability in the routing protocol
Correct Answer: AC

Which two routing protocols usually converge most quickly? (Choose two.)
A. RIPv1
B. RIPv2
Correct Answer: EF
Which statement correctly describes queuing in environments supporting teleworkers?
A. CQ is for time-sensitive protocols.
B. Queuing occurs on the outbound interface.
C. Priority queuing guarantees some level of service to all traffic.
D. Hardware queues are configured for appropriate PQ, CQ, or WFQ. E. WFQ is the Cisco IOS default on all WAN links regardless of speed.
Correct Answer: B
Which IPv6 feature enables routing to distribute connection requests to the nearest content server?
A. Link-local
B. Site-local
C. Anycast
D. Multicast
E. Global aggregatable
Correct Answer: C
Which two wireless attributes should be considered during a wireless site survey procedure? (Choose two.)
A. encryption
B. channel
C. authentication
D. power
Correct Answer: BD
When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer does the Enterprise Teleworker module establish its connection?
A. Building Core
B. Building Access
C. Enterprise Branch
D. Enterprise Data Center
E. WAN/Internet
Correct Answer: E
Which two techniques can reduce voice packet transfer delay across a link of less than 512 kbps? (Choose two.)
A. deploy LFI
B. increase queue depth
C. increase link bandwidth
D. extend the trust boundary
E. deploy software compression
Correct Answer: AC
Given a VoIP network with these attributes: Codec: G.711 WAN bandwidth: 768Kbps Packet Header: 6 bytes Payload: 160 bytes CRTP: No How many calls can be made?
A. 7 calls
B. 8 calls
C. 9 calls
D. 11 calls
E. 13 calls
Correct Answer: C
An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria: has a low initial cost provides low-to-medium BW has medium-to-high latency and jitter Which technology would you suggest?
B. X.25
D. wireless
E. analog modem
Correct Answer: A
Which two methods are used to enhance VPN performance on Cisco ISRs? (Choose two.)
A. built-in hardware-based encryption acceleration
B. SSL Acceleration Network Module
C. high-performance VPN encryption AIM
D. VPN Service Adapter
E. VPN Acceleration Module
F. VPN Shared Port Adapter
Correct Answer: AC

Which three of these are layers in the Cisco SONA Architecture? (Choose three.)
A. Application
B. Physical
C. Presentation
D. Integrated Transport
E. Interactive Services
F. Networked Infrastructure
Correct Answer: AEF

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