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Refer to the exhibit.

A network associate has configured OSPF with the command:
City(config-router)# network area 0
After completing the configuration, the associate discovers that not all the interfaces are participating in OSPF. Which three of the interfaces shown in the exhibit will participate in OSPF according to this configuration statement? (Choose three.)
A. FastEthernet0 /0
B. FastEthernet0 /1
C. Serial0/0
D. Serial0/1.102
E. Serial0/1.103
F. Serial0/1.104

Correct Answer: BCD

Which statement is correct about the internetwork shown in the diagram?
A. Switch 2 is the root bridge.
B. Spanning Tree is not running.
C. Host D and Server 1 are in the same network.
D. No collisions can occur in traffic between Host B and Host C.
E. If Fa0/0 is down on Router 1, Host A cannot access Server 1.
F. If Fa0/1 is down on Switch 3, Host C cannot access Server 2.

Correct Answer: E
Which statements are true about EIGRP successor routes? (Choose two.)
A. A successor route is used by EIGRP to forward traffic to a destination.
B. Successor routes are saved in the topology table to be used if the primary route fails.
C. Successor routes are flagged as “active” in the routing table.
D. A successor route may be backed up by a feasible successor route.
E. Successor routes are stored in the neighbor table following the discovery process.

Correct Answer: AD
Which of the following is true regarding the use of switches and hubs for network connectivity?
A. Switches take less time to process frames than hubs take.
B. Switches do not forward broadcasts.
C. Hubs can filter frames.
D. Using hubs can increase the amount of bandwidth available to hosts.
E. Switches increase the number of collision domains in the network.
Correct Answer: E
Exhibit: Why has the network shown in the exhibit failed to converge?

A. The no auto-summary command needs to be applied to the routers.
B. The network numbers have not been properly configured on the routers.
C. The subnet masks for the network numbers have not been properly configured.
D. The autonomous system number has not been properly configured.
E. The bandwidth values have not been properly configured on the serial interfaces.

Correct Answer: A
What are two characteristics of Telnet? (Choose two.)
A. It sends data in clear text format.
B. It is no longer supported on Cisco network devices.
C. It is more secure than SSH.
D. It requires an enterprise license in order to be implemented.
E. It requires that the destination device be configured to support Telnet connections.

Correct Answer: AE
Which of the following are key characteristics of PPP? (Choose three.)
A. can be used over analog circuits
B. maps Layer 2 to Layer 3 address
C. encapsulates several routed protocols
D. supports IP only
E. provides error correction
Correct Answer: ACE
Exhibit: The network administrator of the Oregon router adds the following command to the router configuration:

ip route
What are the results of adding this command? (Choose two.)
A. The command establishes a static route.
B. The command invokes a dynamic routing protocol for
C. Traffic for network is forwarded to
D. Traffic for all networks is forwarded to
E. This route is automatically propagated throughout the entire network.
F. Traffic for network is forwarded to the network.

Correct Answer: AC
What will an Ethernet switch do if it receives a unicast frame with a destination MAC that is listed in the switch table?
A. The switch will not forward unicast frames.
B. The switch will forward the frame to a specific port.
C. The switch will return a copy of the frame out the source port.
D. The switch will remove the destination MAC from the switch table.
E. The switch will forward the frame to all ports except the port on which it was received.

Correct Answer: B
A Cisco router that was providing Frame Relay connectivity at a remote site was replaced with a different vendor’s frame relay router. Connectivity is now down between the central and remote site. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. mismatched LMI types
B. incorrect DLCI
C. mismatched encapsulation types
D. incorrect IP address mapping
Correct Answer: C
Exhibit: The Ethernet networks connected to router R1 in the graphic have been summarized for router R2 as Which of the following packet destination addresses will R2 forward to R1, according to this summary? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: AD
Exhibit: A network administrator would like to implement NAT in the network shown in the graphic to allow inside hosts to use a private addressing scheme. Where should NAT be configured?

A. Corporate router
B. Engineering router
C. Sales router
D. all routers
E. all routers and switches

Correct Answer: A
If an ethernet port on a router was assigned an IP address of, what is the maximum number of hosts allowed on this subnet?
A. 1024
B. 2046
C. 4094
D. 4096
E. 8190

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 133
Refer to the exhibit.

What can be determined about routes that are learned from the router at IP address
A. HQ_Router last received an update from at 3:30 am.
B. If HQ_Router does not receive an update from in 30 seconds, all routes from that source will be removed from
the routing table.
C. If HQ_Router does not receive an update from in 30 seconds, all routes from that source will be flagged with a hold-down timer.
D. is expected to send an update to HQ_Router for network in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.

A network associate needs to configure the switches and router in the graphic so that the hosts in VLAN3 and VLAN4 can communicate with the enterprise server in VLAN2. Which two Ethernet segments would need to be configured as trunk links? (Choose two.)
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
F. F

Correct Answer: CF
Which tables of EIGRP route information are held in RAM and maintained through the use of hello and update packets? (Choose two.)
A. neighbor table
B. SPF table
C. RTP table
D. topology table
E. query table
F. DUAL table

Correct Answer: AD
A router learns about a remote network from EIGRP, OSPF, and a static route. Assuming all routing protocols are using their default administrative distance, which route will the router use to forward data to the remote network?
A. The router will use the static route.
B. The router will use the OSPF route.
C. The router will use the EIGRP route.
D. The router will load balance and use all three routes.
Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.

A new subnet with 12 hosts has been added to the network. Which subnet address should this network use to provide enough useable addresses while wasting the fewest addresses?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 138

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Cisco 640-863 Exam Questions And Answers, Most Popular Cisco 640-863 Exam Practice PDF With High Quality