Exam A
Which two of these are functions of an access point in a Split MAC Network Architecture?(Choose two.)
A. EAP Authentication
B. MAC layer encryption or decryption
C. 802.1Q encapsulation
D. Process probe response
Correct Answer: BD
Lightweight access points are being deployed in remote locations where others are already operational.
The new access points are in a separate IP subnet from the wireless controller. OTAP has not been
at any locations. Which two methods can the AP use to locate a wireless controller? (Choose two.)

A. local subnet broadcast
B. NV-RAM IP address
D. primary, secondary, tertiary
F. master
Correct Answer: CE
Which of these is the equation used to derive a 64 Kbps bit rate?
A. 2 x 8 kHz x 4-bit code words
B. 8 kHz x 8-bit code words
C. 2 x 4-bit code words x 8 kHz
D. 2 x 4 kHz x 8-bit code words
Correct Answer: D
Which two of the following statements represent a preferred wireless LWAPP implementation?(Choose two.)
A. verify open ports for: Layer 2 LWAPP on ethertype OxABAB Layer 3 LWAPP on TCP 12222 and TCP 12223
B. verify open ports for: Layer 2 LWAPP on ethertype OxBBBB Layer 3 LWAPP on UDP 12222 and UDP 12223
C. verify open ports for: Layer 2 LWAPP on ethertype OxBABA Layer 3 LWAPP on UDP 12222 and TCP 12223
D. use of Layer 3 LWAPP is preferred over Layer 2 LWAPP
E. use of Layer 2 LWAPP is preferred over Layer 3 LWAPP
Correct Answer: BD
Which statement identifies a benefit obtained when using a top-down network design plan?
A. allows quick responses to design requests
B. facilitates design based on previous experience
C. incorporates customer organizational requirements
D. is less time-consuming than using a bottom-up approach
E. provides a more detailed picture of the desired network
Correct Answer: C
A lightweight access point is added to a working network. Which sequence will it use to associate itself with a wireless LAN controller?
A. master, primary, secondary, tertiary, greatest AP capacity
B. greatest AP capacity, primary, secondary, tertiary, master
C. primary, secondary, tertiary, master, greatest AP capacity
D. primary, secondary, tertiary, greatest AP capacity, master
Correct Answer: C
Which statement accurately describes one difference between a small office and medium office topology?
A. Small offices commonly use Rapid PVST+ for Layer 3 deployments.
B. Medium offices commonly use integrated route and switching platforms.
C. Medium offices use integrated 10/100/1000 interfaces as Layer 2 trunks.
D. Medium offices use external access switches to support LAN connectivity.
Correct Answer: D
Which three of these describe the best practice for Cisco wireless outdoor Mesh network deployment? (Choose three.)
A. RAP implemented with 20 to 32 MAP nodes
B. RAP implemented with 20 or fewer MAP nodes
C. mesh hop counts of 8 to 4
D. mesh hop counts of 4 or fewer
E. client access via 802.11b/g and backhaul with 802.11a
F. client access via 802.11a and backhaul with 802.11b/g
Correct Answer: BDE

Data link switching is typically used in which Enterprise Campus Module layer?
A. Server Farm
B. Campus Core
C. Building Access
D. Building Distribution
E. Internet Connectivity
Correct Answer: C
Which two statements best describe intradomain route summarization? (Choose two.)
A. OSPF and RIP automatically summarize at classful network boundaries.
B. EIGRP and OSPF automatically summarize at classful network boundaries.
C. EIGRP and RIP automatically summarize at classful network boundaries.
D. EIGRP and OSPF must be manually configured to summarize at non-classful boundaries.
E. EIGRP and OSPF automatically summarize at non-classful boundaries.
Correct Answer: CD
Which Cisco security solution offers protection against “day zero” attacks?
A. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance
B. Cisco Security Agent
C. Cisco IOS Firewall
D. Cisco IOS IPS
E. Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector
Correct Answer: B
Which statement can a network designer use to describe route summarization to an IT manager?
A. It is the grouping of multiple contiguous subnets into one Class A, B, or C IP address to minimize routing table size.
B. It is the grouping of multiple discontiguous subnets to increase routing performance.
C. It is the grouping of multiple contiguous networks and advertising as one large network.
D. It is the grouping of ISP network addresses to minimize the number of routes to the Internet.
Correct Answer: C
Which three of these are components of the North American Numbering Plan? (Choose three.)
A. Numbering Plan Area
B. country code
C. prefix
D. zone
E. line number
F. trunk channel
Correct Answer: ACE
Which two statements about designing the Enterprise Data Center Access submodule are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Multiport NIC servers should each have their own IP address.
B. Layer 3 connectivity should never be used in the access layer.
C. Layer 2 connectivity is primarily implemented in the access layer.
D. Multiport NIC servers should never be used in the access layer.
E. Layer 2 clustering implementation requires servers to be Layer 2 adjacent.
Correct Answer: CE
A customer has the following Enterprise Campus design requirements: at least 10 Gbps of bandwidth
network runs of up to 40km no concern for transmission medium cost Which transmission medium should you recommend to this customer?
A. shielded twisted pair
B. unshielded twisted pair
C. multimode fiber
D. single-mode fiber
E. wireless
Correct Answer: D
In the Cisco branch office design, what categorizes an office as large?
A. between 50 and 100 users and a three-tier design
B. between 50 and 100 users and a single-tier design
C. between 100 and 200 users and a two-tier design
D. between 100 and 200 users and a three-tier design
E. over 200 users and a two-tier design
Correct Answer: D
A very large organization has received its IPv6 address range from its Internet Service Provider and intends to use only IPv6 addresses internally. Employees will access the Internet using port address translation. What is a requirement for their DNS servers?
A. They no longer need DNS servers.
B. Their DNS servers need to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
C. Their DNS servers need to support only IPv6 addresses.
D. Their DNS servers need to support only IPv4 addresses.
E. They need additional DNS servers in their network just for IPv6 addresses.
F. There are no changes required to their DNS servers.
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.
Which layer is the distribution layer?
A. Layer A
B. Layer B
C. Layer C
D. Layers A and B form a consolidated core and distribution layer
Correct Answer: B
Which two implementation plan principles best describe how to deal with potential failures?(Choose two.)
A. A good implementation plan.
B. A successful test network test.
C. A test should be included at every step.
D. A detailed rollback procedure for each implementation step.
E. A table of failure points, rollback steps, and estimated rollback times.
Correct Answer: CD
Refer to the exhibit.

A standard, Layer 2 campus network design is pictured. Which numbered box represents the distribution layer?
A. #1
B. #2
C. #3
D. #4
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 21
Which two statements about the Enterprise Data Center Aggregation submodule are correct?(Choose two.)
A. it provides Layer 4 7 services
B. it should never support STP
C. it is the critical point for control and application services
D. it typically provides Layer 2 connectivity from the data center to the core

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 22
Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements describe why Model A is the recommended design for routing between Building Distribution switches and Campus Core switches? (Choose two.)
A. It uses timer-based non-deterministic convergence.
B. It is software-based, providing fast convergence to the remaining path.
C. Routes are not summarized from distribution to the core.
D. The Layer 3 redundant equal cost links support fast convergence.
E. A link or box failure does not require routing protocol convergence.

Correct Answer: DE
Which network management protocol allows a network device to have vendor-specific objects for management?
A. SNMP v1
B. SNMP v2
C. SNMP v3
Correct Answer: D
RST Corporation is planning to upgrade its current network. The chief technology officer has supplied a topology diagram and an IP addressing scheme of the current network during an interview. RST has been growing at about twenty percent per year. It has been difficult to maintain customer support at a satisfactory level. Therefore, the RST board has met with and directed the chief technology officer to look into network improvements. Which two items are most relevant in documenting RST’s business requirements? (Choose two.)
A. projected growth estimates
B. network performance requirements
C. existing network topologies
D. improved customer support requirements
E. the IP addresses assigned by the ISP
Correct Answer: AD
You are designing a small branch office that requires these attributes: support for 60 users the growth capacity to add another 15 users soon redundant access higher bandwidth between the Layer 2 switch and routing to the WAN Which branch office topology or technology must be used?
A. two-tier
B. loop-free
C. three-tier
D. EtherChannel
E. integrated routing and switching
Correct Answer: D
Which type of trunk is required in order to connect a fax machine to a PBX?
A. inter-office
B. Foreign Exchange Office
C. central office
D. Foreign Exchange Station
E. intra-office
Correct Answer: D
Which three factors best justify WAN link redundancy between geographically dispersed sites? (Choose three.)
A. important traffic flows
B. lack of speed
C. high link utilization
D. uncertain reliability
E. excessive packet transmission rate
F. high expense of transmitting data
Correct Answer: ABD

Which two solutions are parts of the Cisco Security Management Suite? (Choose two.)
B. Cisco Security Agent
C. NAC Appliance
F. Cisco Security MARS
Correct Answer: DF
A campus network needs end-to-end QoS tools to manage traffic and ensure voice quality. Which three types of QoS tools are needed? (Choose three.)
A. interface queuing and scheduling
B. congestion management
C. compression and fragmentation
D. bandwidth provisioning
E. traffic classification
F. buffer management
Correct Answer: ADE
Which of these accurately describes dial backup routing?
A. it always uses distance vector routing protocols
B. it always uses permanent static routes
C. the router intiates the dial backup link when a failure is detected on the primary link
D. it is supplied by the service provider as a secondary PVC at no additional charge
E. once the backup link is activated it will remain active even after the primary link is restored
Correct Answer: C
Which three pieces of information should be documented for each step of each phase in a design implementation plan? (Choose three.)
A. step description
B. design document references
C. easy guidelines in case of failure
D. estimated implementation time
E. simple implementation guidelines
F. estimated rollback time in case of failure
Correct Answer: ABD

Which of these is the best routing deployment for a single dedicated link to an ISP for Internet access?
D. Static
Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit.

During which stage of the PPDIOO process are implementation procedures prepared?
A. Prepare
B. Plan
C. Design
D. Implement
E. Operate
F. Optimize
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 34
When monitoring voice traffic on a converged network, which are the three most important QoS characteristics to pay attention to? (Choose three.)
A. delay
B. jitter
C. packet loss
D. bit error rate
E. CRTP hop configuration

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 35
After a period of rapid growth, FloCzar Boats is seeking better network management tools.
Managers have developed this needs list:
Move from static to dynamic device information.
Gain information to assist in long-term trend analysis.
Concentrate on Layer 4 monitoring.
Which management protocol will most help FloCzar achieve its goals?

A. Cisco Discovery Protocol
E. NetFlow

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 36
A global corporation has an internal network with the following characteristics: 2,000,000+ hosts 10,000+ routers Internet connectivity high traffic volumes with business partners and customers Which statement best describes what a flexible IPv6 strategy would look like for this corporation?
A. Both hosts and routers would run dual stack.
B. Hosts would run IPv4 and routers would run native IPv6.
C. Hosts would run dual stack and routers would run IPv4 only.
D. Hosts would run IPv6 and routers would run native IPv6.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 37
A manufacturing company has decided to add a website to enhance sales. The web servers in the E-Commerce module must be accessible without compromising network security. Which two design recommendations can be made to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Use private and public key encryption.
B. Move the E-Commerce servers to the WAN module.
C. Use intrusion detection on the E-Commerce server farm.
D. Limit the number of incoming connections to the E-Commerce module.
E. Place E-Commerce servers and application servers on isolated LANs (DMZs).

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 38
Which statement describes the recommended deployment of IPv4 addressing in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture model?
A. private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity module
B. private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity and E- Commerce modules
C. private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity,E-Commerce, and Remove Access (VPN) modules
D. private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity,E-Commerce, and Enterprise Branch modules

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 39
Which Cisco security solution can quarantine and prevent non-compliant end stations from accessing the network until they achieve security policy compliance?
A. Cisco Secure Connectivity
B. Adaptive Security Appliance
C. Access Control Server
D. Network Admission Control
E. Network Intrusion Prevention System
F. Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System

Correct Answer: D
Which three terms describe the primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design
hierarchy? (Choose three.)
A. provides end-user connectivity
B. provides high speed transport
C. provides QoS services
D. enforces security policies
E. provides WAN connections
F. connects access devices to the core backbone
Correct Answer: CDF
Refer to the exhibit.

Which module is the Enterprise WAN module?
A. Enterprise A
B. Enterprise B
C. Enterprise C
D. Enterprise D
E. Enterprise E
F. Enterprise F

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 42
Which route address is the best summary of these network addresses?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 43
An internal network has servers with private IPv4 addresses that must be visible from the public network. Which kind of address translation should be used to ensure this?
A. many-to-one translation (PAT)
B. many-to-one translation (Dynamic NAT)
C. one-to-one translation (Static NAT)
D. one-to-one translation (NAT Traversal)

Correct Answer: C

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